30 Outstanding Photos of Drawings

homeless warrior by Franco Clun   Despite the wide use of digital cameras, people love the pencil drawings that like photos. For artists, what they want to render include emotions, styles and imaginations in their works as well as exact replicas of photographic images.

Pencil Portraits by Sarkis Sarkissian

The secret zoom ii Traditional Art Drawings Portraits by Swedish artist Sarkis Sarkissian. Sarkis is a completely self-taught artist and a natural mentor from an early age, always exploring with different materials and techniques proving his own methods and ideas. He likes to create his work with graphite pencils on bristol graphic paper.

Pencil drawings by Amy Dover

Amy Dover’s pencil drawings tackle the dark side of nature, the hidden world. Beautifully executed in graphite pencil she shows, man, bird and beast in all its devastating beauty. Inspired by music, poetry and folklore, she tackles subjects, like death, humiliation, and deceit. Characters of cannibalistic crows, humiliated bears, and the innocence and loss of […]

Pencil Portraits Drawings by Rajacenna

Taylor swift fearless Realistic Pencil Portraits Drawings Netherlands based artist Rajacenna. Rajacenna is born on 24th January 1993 in The Netherlands. In the summer of 2009 she started with pencil portrait drawing. She instantly was discovered and approached by an American publisher with a request to publish her work in ‘Amazing pencil portraits 2’. This […]

Portraits by Olga Shvartsur

Olga Shvartsur is a self-taught artist from the Seattle area with plenty of experience in painting and illustration work. Olga used Graphite pencils, Pastels on canson paper as well as Brushes and Brushes Viewer app to create beautiful portraits.