Illustrations by Loopydave

magic brewPin It

magic brew

Beautiful work by the Australia based Artist.

watchful eyePin It

watchful eye

textingPin It


outback witchPin It

outback witch

nightsongPin It


giddyupPin It


flexin santaPin It

flexin santa

drinking dwarf wipPin It

drinking dwarf wip

cherry bombPin It

cherry bomb

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  1. It’s one thing to be a great Artist and Illustrator, it is another thing to have an insane imagination and yet another thing to be a good story teller….sheesh, Loopydave got em all. I am both inspired and depressed. Well done.

  2. Much inspired sir! Can I ask what program you use primarily? I’d guess Painter, but maybe photoshop? Tried painter myself but got lost pretty quick.

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