30 Inspirational Semicolon Tattoo Designs

The meaning of semicolon tattoo

You might have noticed one of trends in tattoo design in the recent years is simplicity. For instant, semicolon tattoo, as in the punctuation mark (;), gained its popularity for multiple reasons. It’s simple and it can be incorporated in a lot of different designs. But the best of all is the message and the cause that is behind this tattoo. For everyone who had it and are having it, this means a whole lot for them.

Project Semicolon was first started by Amy Bluel. She got the tattoo in honor of his father whom she lost to suicide. Project Semicolon, or when you get a semicolon tattoo, you are raising awareness for mental health issues. This is also a way to help prevent suicide.

As Amy said “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to chose their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

Raising Awareness

One of the main goals or Project Semicolon is to raise awareness for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, self-injury, suicide and addiction. Project Semicolon was launched to give hope and love for everyone suffering these medical conditions.

Depression is one of the biggest mental health issue that has ever been around. It strikes millions of people. Some of them doesn’t even realize what they have until it has gone down to the point of giving up. There are also a lot of misconception about depression. A lot of people think that it’s a common thing; that all people get depressed. It is definitely not normal. It’s a recurring thing and it doesn’t completely go away. The emotion they were all talking about where just moments of downs, usually with triggers such as a bad moment. But, depression can strike anytime. It can attack you even in the middle of the street or talking to someone. It doesn’t need a trigger to pull you down.

Depression is a medical condition that not all people have. It’s far different from feeling down and incredibly sad. Most of what depressed people feel is emptiness; it’s like you’re a completely hollow person. You feel nothing. Along with it is a sense of guilt and hopelessness.

Anxiety is usually paired with depression but it can also be on its own. It’s also a mental health issue that is ten time worse than the normal feeling of anxiety we have. It can completely hinder someone’s personal life from flourishing. It can banish people that you love.

Suicide, a taboo for most people. It’s almost something that people are disgusted with because taking your own life really is bad. However, for people with mental issues, it’s the last resort. Just like what death is to cancer, suicide is to depression.

Semicolon tattoo designs

If you want semicolon tattoo to remind you that you are loved and that you have to keep living; or in honor of people you have lost, here are some inspirations.

semicolon tattoo

A simple semicolon tattoo definitely works. It’s small but has a very powerful meaning so you can put it in your wrist. You can also place it there so you can remind yourself not to self-harm or to do the deed. An “and” (&) symbol could also be a great partner reminding you that you can add more to the sentence.

Semicolon and butterfly tattoo

Semicolon and Butterfly

Semicolon is for continuing when you wanted to end. Butterflies are for new beginning. Everyone always deserves a second chance in life and for life.

semicolon tattoo

My story isn’t over

I think this tattoo actually says it all. Besides a big semicolon tattoo is a message that says “my story isn’t over”. It’s going to be a reminder for you to stay strong when it feels like you’re giving up in life.

semicolon tattoo

Add color to life

If you want a bit more of a color to your semicolon tattoo, this beautiful splash of color could be a great addition to the design. It could simply mean you’re having a colorful life ahead so don’t give up now.

semicolon tattoo

Add fun to life

Just a little bit of fun to your semicolon tattoo. You can make it look like a cat. Because it actually looks like one if you really look at it.

semicolon tattoo

Share love from the heart

Placing a semicolon near your heart in a heart-shaped polka dot tattoo. Love your life. Or share love to someone you know is going through an unspoken battle.

semicolon tattoo on finger

Touch life with your finger

One of the most common places you can place a semicolon tattoo besides your wrist is on the side of the finger. It’s intimate since it’s not really someplace that can be easily seen.

semicolon tattoo

Semicolon and rainbow

“When I see a rainbow, I know that someone, somewhere loves me.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks

Another alternative to the rainbow splashed semicolon tat. This one is more vivid.

semicolon tattoo

Live your life for new beginning

A beautiful butterfly semicolon tat. The semicolon serves as the body of the tattoo. Which could mean that before you can have a real new beginning, you have to live your life.

semicolon tattoo

Live you own life

Another unique semicolon tattoo and butterfly design in one. Of course, the symbolic semicolon is there. But instead of normal wings, the butterfly has more likely fingerprints as wings. It’s definitely great since you could express your own identity.

compass semicolon tattoo

Compass and semicolon

A compass is a symbol of staying in course in life. But it is also a beacon of hope for sailors in an unforgiving sea. In the center of the compass is the semicolon tattoo, which is to steer me in the right direction.

butterfly with semi colon

Stay strong & carry on

You can add a message to your semicolon tattoo; something that will remind you to be strong in life.

Simple semicolon tattoo

Simple semicolon tattoo

A simple semicolon tattoo will really do. It doesn’t need to have much design to look beautiful because its message is already clear.

semicolon tattoo

Semicolon butterfly hybrid

The combination of semicolon and butterflies are very popular because of the message these two symbols convey. Put together, you have your own life savior.

semicolon tattoo

Merge with rainbow

This one is like the other splash of rainbow colors, but this one is different since the colors are outlining the semicolon rather than having a black symbol and colors around it.

semicolon tattoo

If you want a more discreet place to put your tattoo, you can have it behind your ears.

semicolon tattoo

Love your life

You can also place one near the heel of your foot. This one is a semicolon and a simple heart tattoo. Just says love your life because there are people who love you.

semicolon tattoo

An anchor could mean steadiness or loyalty. It could also be a great combination for a semicolon tattoo. It could show your loyalty to life or to someone you have lost.

semicolon tattoo

“And so she goes on” means that even when she really wanted to, she decided not to and went on with her life.

semicolon tattoo

Semicolon tattoo with rainbows and birds. Birds is a symbol of freedom. It could mean that once you have decided to live, you are free to do what you want to do with your life. You’ve only got one chance and it’s best that you do the most of it.

semicolon tattoo

Arrow, another great companion for a semicolon tattoo. It means great courage to move forward with your life. It also takes great courage to fight depression, suicide and self-harm.

semicolon tattoo

You can also place the tattoo on your ankles. This one has got a really strong but simple message; exactly what Project Semicolon is all about.

semicolon tattoo

This beautiful blue butterfly with leafy wings can definitely be a perfect tattoo if you want to convey a message while having a great tattoo.

semicolon tattoo

Make space in your life

A great semicolon tattoo with the universe within it. Totally alluring. But behind the design is a great meaning.

semicolon tattoo

Free your life

A semicolon tattoo with the upper dot fading into a flock of birds. This is definitely a great design for simplicity but for the best story.

semicolon tattoo

Even wounds not heal

This one is a semicolon tattoo with shades of red and blue for a little more life to it.

semicolon tattoo

Stay with beloved one

This one has a lighter and more feminine touch to it than other styles. Probably because of the accompanying flower.

semicolon tattoo

Almost like a lifeline, this heart and semicolon tattoo is one of the most common designs.

semicolon tattoo

This semicolon tattoo design has a mandala design within it. Mandala usually represent continuity and eternity.

semicolon tattoo

Get this colorful semicolon tattoo and have a colorful life.

semicolon tattoo

Another beautiful buttery and semicolon tattoo to have. You can choose the color and size of the design.

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  1. I love the article on Project Semi-Colon. At 52 I have made 2 suicide attempts and have suffered from clinical depression and all the crap along with this disorder. I don’t think I’ll ever be out of the woods, but this could be my little reminder
    to take pause, and reimagine/think about how my story will continue. Thank you-Carole

  2. I absolutely love the semi-colon with the birds. Can you explain the birds? Thank you so much. I want this tattoo, just need complete understanding.

  3. Am going to get a tattoo of a semicolon because I need to know that life’s worth living.i have major depression and PTSD and anxiety.people just don’t understand me.

    • Thank u for ur post I do know how u feel it nice to know someone know how I feel I’d like to talk to u more look for me on Facebook if u have one I will talk to u

  4. I love the mean behind the semi-colon I can not wait till i can afford to get mine done. I remeber all the times that Itried to end my life, and for some reason it was not my time to go cause I am still here and I thank God everyday now. But it is a struggle every day to deal with my depression and my anxiety. But I will over come this monster

  5. Realy wana thank you for your post. My daughter suffer’s from depression and i had a hard time understanding her. I recently took her to get a tattoo to hide the scars. It realy helped her self esteam. I’ll be getting the semicolon symbol tattood soon, as a reminder to take a step back and try to understand what she or others may be going threw. I just lost a brother due to murder, but he also battled depression he just didn’t realize what it was he was fighting. Thank you for this article. I hope others will read abd realize how big this realy is….

  6. Although, I have several tats…I’m getting the semicolon because my young child suffers from a mental disorder and this is going to be my daily reminder to stay strong for him…

  7. My wife says there is nothing wrong. That talking about my depression is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Subsequently, I keep it hidden from her. I had 6 very good friends, all related with playing classical music in some way. One was my teacher of five years. The others were members of a community orchestra and a quintet together for 12 years. They all turned away from me when things took a bad turn. Now, none of them will return an email, even a year and one half later. It is very sad. Who do you talk to when no one will talk to you? How do you tell your new friends that things might get….well….depressing some times? You do you confide in when your closest companion does not believe you? How do you not become a burden to others thus causing them to turn away? How could a tattoo make any difference?
    – Al

  8. Just lost our Granson Joe to heroin.
    He wanted to get this tattoo and we talked just before his death. Don’t know what happened. He was clean for a long time. I will now get his tattoo for him. We love you Joe.

  9. Today I finally got my semicolon tattoo and I’m so happy I did. I’m 34 and have struggled since I can remember my first attempt at suicide was at 9. I still struggle everyday with my mental even at times suicidal thoughts. I’ve lost a friend in which I found her body and I lost my VERY BEST FRIEND to suicide. My tattoo is the one with heart beating lines the semicolon followed by more heart breaking lines. I wanted it on my left wrist but due to scaring from attempts I went with my right wrist. Like I said I’m happy I did because it means a lot to me.

  10. I love the article. I love the message. But seriously, who proofreads your stuff??

  11. Carol, Shelley, Doris and Jessy,
    So glad each of you made the choice to keep going forward! I hope each of you get your semi colon tattoo! Your lives are important…you are important! My son and I are getting our semi colon tattoos together! People don’t understand how hard it is to put one foot in front of the other some days…but we all know it…remember you are never alone!

  12. I have always been against getting tattoos. However after surviving 4 suicide attempts and living daily with being bipolar, im going to show that my story continues.

  13. I love all these tattoos. My husband just committed Suicide and getting the semicolon and butterfly tattoo is what I’m thinking of getting. A new beginning with my 4 young kids, 21, 19, 15, & 11

  14. My sister-in-law suffered from mental illness and took her life two weeks ago. My daughter, my son and his girlfriend, one of my friends that knew her, and one of my other sisters, are going to get the semicolon tattoo in memory of her. She touched so many people’s lives, that this would be such a great thing to do in her honor.

  15. My wrist tattoo is

    I’m st;ll here

    It’s true, and it’s the title and lyrics to one of my favorite songs.

  16. Doris Deese, Some people understand you, dear one. I do. I understand you. Your feelings are valid. I have a semi colon and had attempted suicide scars covered up with our families cattle brands to remind me of the good times. Much love to you sweet soul

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