A Chic Apartment in Germany

This visualization of a chic apartment in Germany was designed by Alexander Zenzura, which is based on a neutral color palette, and a style that is both hip and elegant.

Scent Of Flower By Fulvio Bonavia

Milan based photographer Fulvio Bonavia demonstrated a special taste of food for us. He created accessories, handbags, and shoes using our daily food and produced gothic Rorschacht-like cutout designs for a campaign for React gum. The whole work was done in the way of artistry and precision.

Strong And effective advertising By WWF

Imagine This is Yours: Turtle WWF (World Wildlife Fund) was started back in 1961 with the purpose to conserve the world’s biological diversity. Currently there are more than 1300 WWF conservation projects underway around the world. WWF is also well-known for its creative advertising where each advertisement is strong and effective.

16 Creative Christmas Advertisements

Season’s Greatings With the upcoming Christmas holidays, it’s a great opportunity for companies to promote their products. The more creative, the more effect you get from advertising. Here’s a collection of 16 creative Christmas advertisements for your inspiration.