30 Romantic Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

bokeh hearts with wooden pattern backdrops

Valentine’s Day Wallpaper is a digital background image designed in the theme of love, romance or any other sweet things. Traditionally, people celibate the holiday by sending cards, dating with loved ones or creating Valentine’s Day DIY crafts. If you spend long hours in computer, you could also set the screen of your digital devices […]

45 Purple Background Images

inspiration is in the air

Purple may not be frequently used color in daily life. But when it appears, it often evokes one’s mysterious feeling and mood. Lavender, lilac, violet and gladiolas are adorable flowers because of associations of their colors. So are the graphics designs in purple background. The purple color is associated with royalty, nobility, power.

50+ Examples of Paper Texture

watercolor texture Texture is one of design elements in visual art and web graphics. Paper texture is a visual texture that is able to create retro mood and remind people of deep thoughts or past memories. You may try to use paper textures to give your work a vintage feel as the canvas or background […]

50+ Spectacular Space Wallpapers

space wallpaper Out space is a world full of mysteries and unknowns. With the help of Hubble Space Telescope, it makes it possible for man to view the objects of far distant galaxies. There are a lot of exciting planets, facts unveiled by scientists. Space is also amazing for its beautiful stars, planets and galaxies.

50+ Examples of iPhone wallpaper

iPhone remains the most popular smartphone with the launch of Apple’s two latest handsets iphone 11 pro/max. Its 6.5 inch screen makes the device more suitable for viewing online video. Various of accessories are available for decorating the device. Remember iphone home screen is designed to change the background so that you can customize the […]

50 Blue Backgrounds for Your Inspiration

Blue is one of popular themes for desktop, website, or any other backgrounds. It is the color of the sky or sea on a sunny day, and it is most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. Depending on the context, it can represent different things. A dark blue represents sadness, grey-blue represents […]

50 Red Christmas Wallpapers

Red christmas background Christmas is coming, the bells are ringing. Which color wallpaper will you use to decorate your desktop, iPad or iphone for celebrating the major festival? The answer may be Red.

50 Lovely Pokemon Wallpapers

Pokemon is a media franchise which has been popular in our age, including the video games, the anime and manga series. Pokemon characters have become pop culture icons. In this post, please enjoy the collection of 50 lovely Pokemon wallpapers depicting different kinds of Pokemon species.