40 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas

If you want to make your room look with sort of unconventional, Bohemian style may give you some inspirations. Bohemianism was originated from the movement in Paris in late 19th century, when the artists advocated freedom of life and artistic creations. They were group of people with weird clothes and full of creative ideas. The […]

30 Industrial Style Interior Designs

Industrial style interior designs emerged as a kind of combination of both the warm rustic and cool Scandinavian interior decoration styles. This style is inspired by industrialization that happened at the end of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century. Industrial style may not necessarily be cold, on the contrary, like […]

50 Inspirational TV Wall Ideas

TV Wall has been the central place in the living room for many families. After a busy day, it’s kind of relaxing to watch favorite programs, news or movies before the television. So how to decorate the piece of space draws attention and dedication of many DIY people. After all, there is almost no household […]

55 Brick Wall Interior Design Ideas

Brick wall seems a bit rustic, but it is classic interior decoration design ideas in the both rustically landscaped homes and modern minimalist landscaped homes. This is a very practical variant of furnishing one wall of the house, because if that wall – its surface, is damaged instead to correct it, just strip down to […]

50 Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Rustic interior design style is appropriate for country houses but also great idea for modern flats in the city. In rustic style dominate natural materials like stone and wood, cotton, leather, wool … In the rustic decorated home we find lace, rustic locks, wreaths, curve, monochrome blankets, pillows, or the opposite, pillows and bedspread with […]

45+ Nordic Style Interior Designs


The bright floors and plenty of wood. If you want that your home be in Nordic style this two things are first of what you need to take care. Until 1950 Nordic interior design was not accepted in the world, but since 1950 things are radically changing. Nordic style is characterized by functionality, simplicity, without […]

40+ Creative Headboard Ideas


Floral inspired headboard. This headboard design gives out a very festive vibe with all the bright colors and also with its size. It functions both as a headboard and as a decoration on the wall. Planning on getting a headboard for your bed? If yo are then there are a lot of choices that you […]

45+ Coastal Style Home Designs

Coastal style living room idea-19

Living Near the Sea One of the best places where you can live is the sea. The calm waves of the ocean is really refreshing. The tang and the saltiness is in the air. You can swim in the ocean if you want to. And there’s just a sense of calm. This is the reason […]