As Long As You Are Standing, Give A Hand To Those Who Have Fallen

Isn't it our job as humans to be collecting great moments?

HERAKUT is the amazing symbiosis of two great artists in a duo, Hera and Akut from Germany. Since 2004, the Art of Living Together has born fruit and rendered incredible mural works to the public in big cities around the world. Their work features emotional figures and often embedded with fabulous quotes that tell us […]


vincent van gogh tattoos The Starry Night on Inner Arm

Who’s not aware of the Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork? All the vibrant, moving and dramatic paintings from the past belong to him. That is the reason why we are going to feature some of the amazing tattoos inspired from his paintings in our today’s article. The artwork from the Vincent Van Gogh is known for […]

55 Unique Family Tattoos for your Inspiration

Film pictures on family members tattoo on forarm

As one of quotes says, “The love of the Family is life’s greatest blessing”. People always have creative ways to express tribute to their family members. With prevalence of the tattoo art, more and more people are getting tattooed with the particular messages. For instance, family tattoos are used to by people who cherish the […]

Professional Tips for Photographing a Wedding

Wedding party photgraphy

Those that work as professional photographers get plenty of calls to cover weddings. Since couples want to make the most out of these special days, they will pay money to get the best pictures possible. If you want to get into the professional photography business, then make sure that you apply these tips to help […]

Tattoo Styles – Everything you need to know

firig statue full back tattoo

A tattoo is a form of art that is made permanently on human body. As old body art, tattooing has been widely practiced worldwide in various cultures. For Polynesians, tattooing could be important rite of passage or symbol of social standing. In ancient China, piecing a mark on the body was a way to distinguish […]

Polynesian Tattoos – Styles, Symbols and Meanings

Polynesia triangle

Polynesian Tattoo is a unique style that has great impact on modern tattoo design. For example, tribal design uses Polynesian symbols and style to make it look masculine or exotic. However, for indigenous Polynesians, the significance is beyond body art to get a tattoo on the body. Tattooing has always been a sacred process in […]

How To Know If An Antique Is Authentic Or Fake

antique clock

So you’ve found the perfect antique for your home! But wait – before you dig into your pockets, have you made sure it’s authentic or fake? The problem is, many fake antiques are convincing enough to look genuine to the untrained eye. So how do you stop yourself paying top-dollar for a fake? Luckily there’s […]

30 Romantic Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

bokeh hearts with wooden pattern backdrops

Valentine’s Day Wallpaper is a digital background image designed in the theme of love, romance or any other sweet things. Traditionally, people celibate the holiday by sending cards, dating with loved ones or creating Valentine’s Day DIY crafts. If you spend long hours in computer, you could also set the screen of your digital devices […]