Tree Houses by Pete Nelson

Incredible tree house designs by Pete Nelson, who is the founder of Treehouse Workshop, Inc. With a vision for naturalistic design rooted in world-class craftsmanship, Pete has led the team to build treehouses in 26 States and 9 countries over the last 15 years. Here are the portfolio showcases the variety of their work, which […]

Glass Sculptures by Robert Mickelson

The glass sculptures created by Mims, Florida based lampmaker Robert Mickelson look as though they have been spun by a spider instead of crafted by hand. He focuses purely on the transparent and fragile quality of his chosen material, accenting it by creating web-like versions of everyday objects. From opened umbrellas to fallen leaves and […]

Smart iPad Covers

DIY for Smart iPad Cover As an iPad lover, it’s very important to have a smart Cover to protect your iPad. There’re many options you can find out in the market. Here we showcase some of the fancy and smart iPad covers. Hope you love one of them.

Cute Furniture Designs by Rui Alves

Born in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, Rui Alves comes from a family of skilled craftsmen. His grandfather was a carpenter and his father was a woodworker. Since his childhood, Rui has been surrounded by tools and materials. His mind is always working on creating or disassembling something.

HiiH Hand Made Paper Lights

HiiH — pronounced “Hi Hi” — brings together the function of light, the craft of paper, and the art of sculpture. Handcrafted by a husband-wife team in Portland, Oregon, their designs are seen in residential and commercial settings as well as galleries throughout the country.