50 Halloween makeup ideas you will love

Fantasy World Halloween makeup

Halloween is approaching; people could be able to feel the holiday vibe in the air. While kids are dreaming to play the game of trick-or-treating, adults may anticipate the show of costume and makeup, which could transform their faces to various characters in frightening fashion. Halloween makeup becomes one of prevalent Halloween activities as there’s […]

Gorgeous Hairstyles by Nina Starck

Nina Starck,a hairstylist from Denmark, produced a series of step by step tutorials and videos about creating different kinds of braids and hairstyles on her instagram and youtube platforms. All the braids look absolutely amazing and gorgeous. If you are fan of hairestyles, you must not miss the opportunity to enjoy her designs. It’s really […]

25 Easy Hairstyles for long hair

Truly, long hair can sometimes be a curse or blessing depending on how you treat it. A person with long hair takes much time to style it compared to one with medium or short hair. But with this article, I assure you, it will be very easy to make your long hair more beautiful and […]

40 Geometric Nail Art Ideas

Geometric Nail Art

The whole world of fashion as well as the manicure world is full of very beautiful, original and creative solutions. There is a lot of ideas for combining wardrobe, patterns, makeup, fashion accessories, footwear. People just have to choose what’s best for them. However, it is not easy today. In any case, when you are […]

30 Matching nails and lipstick makeups

Matching nails and lipstick

Make-up has become an art today. Make-up makers today create a masterpiece on people faces and manicures on their nails. Many ladies love the trend that has become popular at the moment, that is, mouth and nails arranged in the same way, with the same colors and with the same motif. Somehow, the ladies always […]

2018 Best Nail Art Ideas

Best Nail Art Ideas

It’s like I blinked and here I am – in the third month of the year, whose birth we almost celebrated yesterday. Winter is at its peak and sunny and happy spring and summer days are closer and closer every day. Autumn also can be wonderful because, after all, beauty is in the eye of […]

90 Classy Nail Art Ideas

If you desire gorgeous and stylish nails, you are not bound to repeat “classic” of the past. To be a classy trendsetter of nail art, it’s absolutely necessary to be in touch with new ideas or designs. To make your style in high standard, stay seasonal from hairstyle, outfit to manicure. And You will need […]