30 Examples of Shadow Art

6. Kumi Yamashita – Clouds, 2005 A romantic, somewhat impressionist realization of a feathery shadow. Shadows are the most natural occurrence in our world filled with light. Whether there is sun or artificial lighting, no one can separate themselves from… Continue Reading

50 Examples of Surreal Art

Audrey Kawasaki – Sisters – Audrey Kawasaki is exceptionally skilled in drawing, while creating beautiful, surreal scenes filled with lovely female characters. Established on the grounds of modernist Surrealism, contemporary Surreal art is a style widely followed by thousands of… Continue Reading

What is 3D Art

4. Coca Cola Illusion – Often, inspiration for 3D art is found in popular objects from our everyday. Here, it is found in a classic Coke bottle. What is 3D Art There are different views on the definition of 3D… Continue Reading