How To Know If An Antique Is Authentic Or Fake

antique clock

So you’ve found the perfect antique for your home! But wait – before you dig into your pockets, have you made sure it’s authentic or fake? The problem is, many fake antiques are convincing enough to look genuine to the untrained eye. So how do you stop yourself paying top-dollar for a fake? Luckily there’s […]

30 Incredible Pieces of Coffee Latte art

  Coffee is one of favorite drinks for many people. Drinking coffee helps to wake you up or make you relax. There are more reasons for people to love the classic drinks besides taste of coffee. The process of preparing coffee could be as creative as drawing an art piece. By using latte art technique, […]

10 Webites for Learning How to Draw

1. Dueys Drawings The website offers several series of free step-by-step drawing lessons, with the content for Beginner and Advanced categories. Human being is the most wonderful creation of nature. But when it comes to creativity within a man, things tend to get more complicated. Some people are just talented to either sing, dance, act […]

30 Examples of Shadow Art

6. Kumi Yamashita – Clouds, 2005 A romantic, somewhat impressionist realization of a feathery shadow. Shadows are the most natural occurrence in our world filled with light. Whether there is sun or artificial lighting, no one can separate themselves from their shadow, they are around us and with us, dark imprints of all three dimensional […]

50 Examples of Surreal Art

Audrey Kawasaki – Sisters – Audrey Kawasaki is exceptionally skilled in drawing, while creating beautiful, surreal scenes filled with lovely female characters. Established on the grounds of modernist Surrealism, contemporary Surreal art is a style widely followed by thousands of artists. Although the course of art changed and evolved through history, Surreal Art never ceased […]

35 Emotional Eye Pictures

Eye Manip Eyes are the windows of the soul. They are our first and foremost sense, our prime channel of understanding the world. Eyes guide us through our lives, having a role so important and complex, it elevates them above everything else. Eyes are crucial in perceiving art. In absorbing the visual information of our […]

50 Impressive 3D Drawings

Feathers - 3D drawing by Ramon Bruin

Illusory art has been around since Ancient times, when unknown painters depicted fictional landscapes on inside walls of wealthy Pompeians. And even earlier, on Crete and throughout the Greece. Illusionism was the only tool painters of antiquity had that allowed them to create the feeling of depth, artificial space on a flat surface.

What is 3D Art

What is 3D Art There are different views on the definition of 3D art. If we choose to accept that all of the sculpture, installations, beading, any type of artwork that can be touched or seen from all sides, is three-dimensional art, then we can say 3D art is as old as the art itself. […]