Paintings by Adrian Borda

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Born on 21 nov 1978, in Reghin Romania. Adrian started to paint 12 years ago, when he went to the Art High School in Targu-Mures, then he continued the specialization in Iasi, “George Enescu” University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, painting section. He had some personal and group expositions in Romania at Targu-Mures, Iasi, Reghin, and Eindhoven in Netherlands.

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demon of venicePin It

she had flowers in her hairPin It

requiem for peacePin It

i keep the smile in my heartPin It

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  1. i love the jesters, human instrumentals and concepts… also, thank you for the “White Knight”.. he is perfect <3

  2. Beautiful, I see Remedios Varo and Dali as inspirations for this paintings.

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