Graphic Design by Glenn Jones

Dec 22, 2011

GE Salmon

Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand. Glenn has worked in the design industry for over 18 years focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration. After success designing tees on he started his own range of T-shirts at GLENNZ TEES.

What Would MacGyver Do










Risky Engineering


Recent Sighting


Race Advantage


Puzzled Putter


Prehistoric Freak


Pet Store


Paper Cranes


New Batteries




Less Formal


Hidden Identity


Darkside of the Garden No longer for sale


Daily Fix


Bad Sock Puppet

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  • interesting design!

  • Graphic design studios arre perfect for smaller too medium projects.

    However, graphic deesigners reflect those feelings quite differently from the
    others. I meant to say is that usually, graphic designers prefer using over stylish fonts iin these corporate identities which looks
    so cluttered that the viewers are unable to understand what it is saying.

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