Fantasy Artwork by Marjie

le_pays_imaginaire_inonde_by_marjie79Pin It

French artist Marjie is obsessed with creating beautiful fantasy pictures. She likes to combine fantasy in some modern designs by photo manipulation techniques – very nice work!

douceur_d_une_ame_pure_by_marjie79Pin It

this_night_im_alone_by_marjie79Pin It

la_fille_qui_parlait_aux_monarques_by_marjie79Pin It

lady_of_the_lake_by_marjie79Pin It

fairy_christmas_by_marjie79Pin It

open_your_eyes_and_watch_fairy_by_marjie79Pin It

je_pensais_te_revoir_un_jour_____by_marjie79Pin It

when_you_are_gone_my_heart_has_frozen_by_marjie79Pin It

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