Amazing Photography by Brooke Shaden

the creation of blood and bonesPin It

Brooke Shaden is a photographer based in Arizona who created amazing series of self-portraits of photographic artworks. By using digital techniques, Brooke turned traditional photographs into beautiful fine art pieces. Each of her work features engaging elements and emotion, often in dark theme.

a light for tarnished soulsPin It

the rabbit holePin It

the almost circus and invisible audiencePin It

dream catcherPin It

the falling of autumn darknessPin It

finding rescuePin It

imagination foundPin It

born of wind from snowy mountainsPin It

spiral of budsPin It

the gift of timePin It

falling slowlyPin It

create your own magicPin It

we are infinitePin It

gateway to river willowPin It

made of waterPin It

empty nestPin It

spreading seedsPin It

breathing lifePin It

searchingPin It

the sound of flying soulsPin It

dreaming of opheliaPin It

character untoldPin It

running scaredPin It
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