35 Inspirational Kitchen Ideas

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Go for a homey and relaxing atmosphere. Adding indoor plants will make your kitchen look so much better. Plus wooden shelves could add to the earth tone you’re going for.

Fill the Stomach, Get Love

They say the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach. This may be one of the very reasons that first dates tend to be on fancy diners and restaurants. When it’s the first time of your man or woman to visit you in your home, the kitchen is always the spot we go to first before we get to talk and watch movies.

But apart from that, food is simply amazing. It just makes everything a lot better and it’s something that mostly anyone could really enjoy and talk about. There are even some who have found their true love and their best friends over a conversation of the best cuisine they ever had. But when a food is prepared personally in your own kitchen, things can get ten times better. You know how the taste of the food should go and most of all, you are in the comfort of the place you know so much.

The Best Part of your Home

A great percentage of us would agree that the best part of our home is the kitchen. It’s where we can make good food for the people we love. It’s part of the house that we really have to take time in cleaning and decorating. It’s the part that we have bonded with the people who are close to our passion about food and cooking. There is no doubt that kitchens are given much care in a lot of homes.

There are now different ways and ideas on how we can make our own cooking spaces a lot better. There are certain ideas on how we can make it more convenient for us when cooking such as putting the food items in on area we can easily reach and then our utensils in another and then cooking wares in a place only for them. But apart from that, many people are venturing into other interior designs that will make their kitchens look like a five-star hotel restaurant or a place that will give you more inspiration for your dishes.

Inspire to Cook, Cook to Inspire

When we prepare for our food, the best way is to make sure that it comes from a clean place and it comes from a place where we are inspired to cook. A greatly designed kitchen could do that. So if you think you are missing out this part of your home when it comes to designing and renovation, you might want to give it a try. The designing shouldn’t really be that sophisticated and intricate, but you can go for fun or quirky; whatever really suits your style.

If you’re having a hard time about the interior design of your home, hope this list could help you out.

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Want to make all of your food items safe from insects and dirt as well as keep your kitchen shelves looking so much better? Well, here’s a great solution: putting them on air-lock containers and place labels for each one.

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Besides pots and pans, you can add hanging plants in your own kitchen. This can create a relaxing and refreshing vibe to your place.

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Choosing the right shelves will greatly help in your attempt to make your kitchen look more organized. These kinds of shelves with multiple levels is just perfect to stow away anything in your kitchen. Plus it’s really stylish and modern.

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Tired of your pans hanging above your kitchen counter? Well, you can now hang it one by one on your wall. It’s really stylish and convenient. Plus keep those food materials in glass containers so you can organize it well.

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Safety is really important especially when you have kids around the house. Get this kind of kitchen drawers with a suitable placement for knives.

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If you don’t have much kitchenware to put in your kitchen closet, you can recreate this organized and spacious closet arrangement.

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This one is for those who have OCD. You can now organize food stuff in your kitchen by placing them on glass containers, from cookies to cereals and desserts. Plus, you can even organize your cookbooks around the place for easy access.

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Walk-in closets aren’t just for clothes. You can also install a walk-in closet in your kitchen where you can stock all the food both solid and liquid as well as kitchen toiletries.

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This simple kitchen closet may not really be something, but open it and see the wonders of the kitchen right in your face. This one has little drawers for utensils and inside, spaces for anything liquid and fragile.

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If you have sacrificed some plates before because you have placed it somewhere that’s not really safe, then you can convert the top-most drawer in your kitchen counter into something like this. It has divisions and support for your plates.

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When you only got a little space, your kitchen would also be smaller. But you don’t have to worry since you can make it all work out by adding shelves up to the ceiling around the kitchen. This will give you more space to stock your food and things. If you want to use a ladder like in this one, be sure you can use it safely.

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This kind of kitchen closet has a built in retractable hanging place for your pans. If you can’t find one in shops, you can most likely have it customized.

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If you are indeed looking for style, then this half-bricked, half-tiled wall works great in your kitchen environments. It gives off a classy and modern feel especially when you combine it sleek looking black closets and cupboards and lines of wines and champagnes.

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If you haven’t yet had a kitchen draw with partitions for the different utensils you use, then it;s time to get one. It’s a great way to organize your things in the kitchen and also for safety.

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If you’re a wine or champagne enthusiast, this drawer plus wine rack is the best choice for your kitchen needs. It also combines convenience and style.

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Don’t have a cutting board? Now you don’t have to buy one. This is a movable closet with the top part used for cutting and chopping. It’s a two-in-one deal you shouldn’t miss.

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Recreate an authentic coffee shop vibe with this beautiful wood with blackboard closet and drawer for your coffee needs. You can put a daily reminder on how you or your partner wants coffee done.

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This little space in your kitchen closet is the little heaven in your kitchen for coffee lovers. It’s where the coffee maker is and all your favorite coffee cups and tumblers.

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You might be fooled by this long and thin drawer when it’s not yet drawn. But once you do, you can see how convenient it can be.

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This one is a more creative approach for anyone who loves wine. Of course the wine rack should never be forgotten, but probably the best part of the design is the “Wine Menu” wall for creating a list of the wines you want to have with real wine bottles glued on it.

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This modern-style drawer has little divisions for bowls and even a space for your spoons and forks.

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A sleek and stylish looking modern home with a modern kitchen. The black walls definitely gives off a cool interior plus the kitchen counter has everything you will need from preparations to cooking.

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A truly modern design for kitchens. You now don’t need a bigger space for it. You can have everything in just one big shelf for everything, including your books. It’s a great space-saver.

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A smaller partition drawer where you can place any bottle and fragile items that doesn’t really need to be in the fridge.

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Not only are these kitchen closets convenient, but they are also sleek looking. It would be like hvaing a stylish stock room but without the dungy and musty feel.

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Now, you can also place your breads on your drawer complete with glass covers to protect it from any insect and outside factors. Plus another draw is for your fruits and vegetables with their very own baskets.

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Always have your storage clean not only filled but also clean to avoid any health problems. And it’s just good to think about how clean your food is.

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Marble, tiles and wood; the three things that can make your kitchen look so much more high class. Add extremely useful closets and drawers and you can instantly have a great cooking experience.

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Not only can you place bottles and little sacks on these spaces but also your whisks, measuring cups and cooking and baking paraphernalia.

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Here’s another drawer style but with the same features.

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Here’s another view from a different angle of that all-in-one kitchen drawer. Just look at all the things you can store there.

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Just make sure that when you’re buying a kitchen closet or making a kitchen counter, it should have drawers where you can store your utensils and cooking equipment. This isn’t just for organizing but also for safety as well.

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A pristine white and grey kitchen makes the area bigger. But it could also make it ten times classier and modern with a touch of elegance. To add to that, here’s a closet where you can place your wine glasses and wine bottles.

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Who says you can’t grown your own herbs in your kitchen? With this creative and yet genius work, it’s now possible to have your little garden in your kitchen. When you need these herbs, you don’t have to go out anymore.

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