Illustrations by Alex Solis

Black magic rabbit Alex Solis is a Chicago, Illinois based illustrator and graphic designer who works on T-shirt designs. Most of his work is created with traditional mediums from imagination and self expression with touch of surreal.

Illustrations by Marija Tiurina

Marija Tiurina is a London, UK based illustrator who works on whimsy and surreal art. Marija’s inspiration comes from everyday life, from a cute or touching thing spotted on a street, or from a new mixing two colours together.

Illustrations by Jenny Liz Rome

Jenny Liz Rome is an artist and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. Jenny blends pencil sketch with photographs in her recent series Lady Of The Flies, creating amazing pictures with the beauty of nature, femininity and fashion.

Illustrations by Tatiana Kazakova

Tatiana Kazakova is an illustrator and artist based in Moscow, Russia who works on digital art and illustrations. Tatiana mixes animals, elephant, fishes, birds, with mystical trees cactus and flowers in wonderful landscape, creating a whimsy effect with great details.