Concept Art by Nick Deligaris

Red Graduated from Tech. Educational Institute of Athens, Nick Deligaris is a freelance digital artist from Athens, Greece who specializes illustration, 3D modeling, Graphic Design. Nick enjoys working on fantasy & sci-fi art and video games.

Film Noir Paintings by Gina Higgins

Crime of passion1 Inspired by film and photography, literature, as well as music and dance, American contemporary artist Gina Higgins demonstrated her affinity for all things Hollywood, complete with glamour, mystery, smoke, and neon in her Film Noir painting series.

Digital Art by Tida K

Phaya naga king naga   Beautiful work by Canadian self-taught artist Tida K, aka feohria at dA. Tida started drawing in her childhood, from Japanese manga and animation, Korean concept art to classic fantasy illustration. Her work is so expressive… Continue Reading