Paintings by Joe Reimer

20110316 liberation 600x481

Joe Reimer is a Canadian artist based out of Edmonton, Alberta. His works are full of movement, texture, colour, and emotion. Although many great artists have inspired his work, Joe prides himself on creating art that is unique in both style and composition. He finds inspiration for his art from many different sources, which can be seen in the diversity of his works. Currently, he is a full-time art and design teacher at a secondary school in the Edmonton area.

20110316 translation600 343

20110316 persuasion

20110316 s3o200817045217ast600 805

20110316 pallas by joereimer600 900

20110316 helia by joereimer600 750

20110316 cold war by joereimer d2zpbj0600 843

20110316 apparition600 327

20110316 joereimer lucina inset

20110316 e49bc06f91fa7224b969163ee6b7ca2c

20110316 dissension

20110316 blind

20110316 big decelerationweb

20110316 il fullxfull87552055


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