Illustrations by Annie Owens

20110401 10yardstare 600x905

Annie Owens is a native of California’s Bay Area and is currently living in Albany as the co-founder of Hi-Fructose magazine. Annie is a great painter and her work is primarily rendered in watercolors and ink on paper. Her figurative paintings depict sullen faced girls who confront viewers with sometimes malicious stares, sometimes with a baleful gaze. The figures represent qualities within familial relationships and the varying complicated degrees of affection, malice, distrust, pain and love which exist within them.

20110401 cicadas 600x895

20110401 screaming 600x842

20110401 crookedgirl 600x390

20110401 fishbowl op 600x992

20110401 c neverwas

20110401 backwater peccadillo 600x428

20110401 n careless falconery

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