Digital art by Reinaldo Quintero

the drowned sorrows tavern by reiq600 406

The drowned sorrows tavern

Reinaldo Quintero is a digtial artst from Venezuelan and currently based in Osaka, Japan. Reinaldo showed great abilities and a passion for art at his early age. His art was inspired by comics and ordinary objects at the beginning. Later whilst studying at school he had the chance to warch Dragon Ball, an innocent opening into the world of Manga and Anime. His inspiration was born from an intense curiosity for Anime and a passion for researching artists and atyles.

silvanna w600 806

Silvanna w

samus aran corruption by reiq600 849

Samus aran corruption

jessy by reiq600 848


elastic girl by reiq550 876

Elastic girl

amrei web600 848

Amrei web

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