Surrealistic Artwork by Alex Andreyev

20110503 trailing gardens an orchestra 600x450
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trailing gardens an orchestra

Alex is an artist living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Alex has been drawing, painting and doing graphic design over last 20 years. Alex’s style is best described as surrealism. He used various techniques for his creations, including traditional inks, pens, brushes and also digital art. Check out the inspiring artwork by Alex.

20110503 new year
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new year

20110503 under the rain
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under the rain

20110503 utopia 800 600x450
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20110503 to treasured island small 600x451
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to treasured island small

20110503 surburb 600x450
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20110503 substation 600x450
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20110503 nepobedimy 059 600x324
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20110503 morning on level b 600x450
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morning on level b

20110503 late 600x450
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20110503 crossing 600x450
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20110503 clouds
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  1. Wow, amazing, just love them. You need such a great imagination and be very talented to create something like this.

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