Colorful Paintings by Camilla d’Errico

where the wild things squirm by camilladerrico600 751

Camilla has been painting since 2006, starting with small shows in Vancouver through the Ayden Gallery. In 2007 she started showing in LA, San Francisco and other US cities in the lowbrow/pop surrealism/urban contemporary movement and she’s been steadily building up her reputation and collector base. Since 2009 she’s been represented by Opera Gallery in New York, and inaugurated her first International solo show in Rome in June 2010. She uses Holbein’s amazing DUO water soluble oils to paint.

Camilla d’Errico is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

the bonded tree by camilladerrico583 960

sweet peacock by camilladerrico600 747

suckle by camilladerrico1600 786

rainbow fingers by camilladerrico600 491

pom pom kitty pie by camilladerricod32mdnd600 738

gentle fawns by camilladerrico600 374

lions and lambs by camilladerrico600 940

hello kitty art show by camilladerrico600 384

jovi  s antoinette by camilladerrico600 841

c7d5a35b3020940c246ea237bbcacd79600 804

black rabbit kaleidoscope by camilladerrico600 420

94080d1bb392ea6e64059ad9f2fd6a10600 730

586c414f922a8355d98ced16fffb6b04600 941

1467 579

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