Editorial Illustration by Nata Metlukh

public library600 420

Public library

Nata Metlukh is a San Francisco-based artist specializing in editorial and children’s illustration. His work is a thrilling world of fantasy comprising of giants sleeping on mountains, a doctor coming out of a can of Spam, and other delightfully random concepts. Metlukh sources his inspiration from humorous editorial illustrations, children’s books, art journals, hand-drawn animation, artists’ sketchbooks and traveling. He even captures Marilyn Manson taking off his face and showing his true self.

moscow walk board game cover for akzia600 672

Moscow walk board game cover for akzia

dna id for akzia600 383

Dna id for akzia

déjà vu600 467


chinatown600 713


ophiuchus the new zodiac sign600 444

Ophiuchus the new zodiac sign

blind men and the elephant600 521

Blind men and the elephant

photographer600 428


battle of the spirits600 424

Battle of the spirits

all in small for kia picanto the first place entry600 423

All in small for kia picanto the first place entry

sleeping giant550 398

Sleeping giant

greeting card from san francisco550 430

Greeting card from san francisco

men made of butter by gianni rodari500 572

Men made of butter by gianni rodari

artist of the future500 535

Artist of the future

agoraphobia500 490


snowboarders vs skier450 658

Snowboarders vs skier

online school450 506

Online school

my workplace450 667

My workplace

economy class450 625

Economy class

dentophobia450 626


mona lisa in my style for moonsters400 568

Mona lisa in my style for moonsters

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