Gamers With Their In-Game Avatars

haritsu av600 383

Robbie Cooper, an American photographer, took a journey through Korea, China, France and Germany to photograph “Gamers” side-by-side with their MMO avatars. He became interested in their alter ego in the virtual world. Interesting work showing the difference (or not) between the person’s physical and embodied avatar in the game.

thierry neamie600 373

mun lee crammer600 375

lucas gaenank600 369

liz thalia600 383

kimberley kim600 373

young ki jang knight lumus600 371

kim ligar600 369

jean francois dark freaman600 374

jason rurouni600 372

georgios aerovos600 372

becky stygian600 372

aurelien stephanie stephanie av600 373

serge megatox600 372

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