Illustrations by JrDragao

monocromatico600 848

Known as JrDragao in dA, JrDragao is a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil based illustrator. JrDragao has an eye of creativity in his illustration art. By being able to draw whatever your imagination can conjure, illustrations open avenues to artists that would otherwise remain closed via traditional traditional imaging means.

quick brown fox600 747

space kite600 809

siren song600 600

shockblast eclipse600 750

shockblast dreadlocks600 847

rio600 831

queens600 805

nosferatu600 848

no ono does ir better600 848

long life and prosper600 789

lonely600 848

got moloko590 722

goodbye sky im sexy600 840

facelessman593 828

world 2 0600 852

dream600 789

a type of joke by jrdragaod49p2bj600 840

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