Line Art by Marc Ulloa

water princess600 816

Water princess

Amazing Line Art drawings by NY based artist Marc Ulloa. Marc’s work was done in details with various pens (ballpoint pen) and ink. His drawings are just wonderful and breathtaking.

water lily600 994

Water lily

voices in my head colored600 804

Voices in my head colored

utena juri arisugawa by giname600 792

Utena juri arisugawa by giname

the show colored600 786

The show colored

the man cold as snow600 792

The man cold as snow

sailorsaturn senshi of silence600 792

Sailorsaturn senshi of silence

pitch black serenade by giname600 779

Pitch black serenade by giname

nightworld king600 794

Nightworld king

mistress 9 messiah600 777

Mistress 9 messiah

man of the night ii600 772

Man of the night ii

little red ridinghood600 799

Little red ridinghood

apple redone600 803

Apple redone

angel or demon colored600 774

Angel or demon colored

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