Chalet Brikell by Pure Concept

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Developed by Pure Concept, a swiss designer-creator firm specialized in luxury properties, Chalet Brickell enjoys the luxury of a stunning setting at the heart of Megève, French ski resorts.

This exceptional chalet, Situated at the foot of the mountain, with its guest house, blends in perfectly with the smalltown. It offers the rich sobriety of noble materials, the subtlety of elegant combinations, and a superbly functional space. Every accessory has its role to play: a breath of colour, a glow of light, bespoke rugs, unique motifs. Behind this chic modernity lies a truly authentic simplicity.

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Brickell is south-facing, allowing it to soak up the sun all day long, and has unforgettable mountain views. It offers both a refuge and scenes to feast the eyes.

The teak terrace, against a backdrop of snow, is the perfect place to relax in the sun. White sets the inside-outside tone and gives a warm comfort to an open-air relaxation area. Custom-made sun loungers, for moments of leisure, adopt a deck-chair look with high-quality yacht-style details.

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