Fairy Kitty by Maria Lucia

Maria Lucia is a digital artist in dA. She has done a marvelous job to create a series of cute and sweet animals with her unique photo-manipulation digital art skill. Her work is immersed with moon color, fantasy, and a complete focus on detail.

fairy kitty by marilucia600 832
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Fairy kitty

i ll give you the moon by marilucia600 756
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I ll give you the moon

white tiger cub and phoenixes by marilucia600 375
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White tiger cub and phoenixes

ursa major and ursa minor by marilucia600 375
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Ursa major and ursa minor

the secret place by marilucia600 840
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The secret place

swamp house by marilucia600 375
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Swamp house

owl by marilucia600 811
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okami amaterasu by marilucia600 808
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Okami amaterasu

my pink elephant by marilucia600 337
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My pink elephant

magic by marilucia600 714
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