Mixed Media Portrait Illustrations by Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel 15600 777

After spending five years living and working in Melbourne, Bec has packed up her belongings and made her way back to the country, in the Kiewa Valley, Victoria, to work as a full time artist and commercial illustrator.

Her artworks are often dreamy in appearance, created with a subdued pastel colour pallet. Inspired by the human soul, beauty, nature, Her subjects are mostly portraits of young women, frequently accompanied by elements of nature and a bygone era.

More Feminine Portraits by Bec Winnel
Bec Winnel 5600 885

Bec Winnel 12600 811

Bec Winnel 2600 597

Bec Winnel 16600 830

Bec Winnel 3 581 569

Bec Winnel 4600 596

Bec Winnel 6600 832

Bec Winnel 7600 865

Bec Winnel 8600 815

Bec Winnel 9600 810

Bec Winnel 1 549 751

Bec Winnel 11600 794

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