Concept Art by Roméo Jonathan

rod emergence by wen jr600 1267
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Rod emergence

Concept Art by Paris, FRANCE based artist Roméo. Jonathan has experience in both 2D and 3D as well as mixed media. His fantasy and Sci-Fi art is really fantastic.

More Digital Art by Roméo Jonathan

gift nasta by wen jr600 993
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Gift nasta

gift rider by wen jr600 1038
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Gift rider

gift aveh by wen jr600 1032
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Gift aveh

wip rod xxviii by wen jr600 1141
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Wip rod xxviii

rod xxi by wen jr600 959
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Rod xxi

rod xx by wen jr600 1172
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Rod xx

rod nest by wen jr600 339
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Rod nest

rod crimson darkness by wen jr600 336
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Rod crimson darkness

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