Illustrations by Khoa Le

beauty in the beast 600x549

beauty in the beast

Khoa Le, aka moonywolf is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Graduated in Hosheminsky University of Modern Art, she created mystical illustrations with touch of surreal and fantasy.

sun n moon sisters 600x396

sun ‘n’ moon sisters

safe zone 600x424

safe zone

reindeer man 600x834

reindeer man

queen of pain 600x550

queen of pain

PLASTIC 600x453


My Nuong 600x423

My Nuong

moon dancer 1 600x600

moon dancer

moon dancer  600x600

moon dancer



flowers 600x423




Birds 600x423


beautiful lonely people 600x500

beautiful lonely people

a different kind of pea 600x525

a different kind of pea

a beautiful mind 600x424

a beautiful mind


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