Pop Girl Illustrations by Gabriel Iumazark

fem desco by iumazark600 836
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Fem desco

Gabriel Iumazark is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As s lover of fashion and life, Gabriel created a series of gorgeous pop girl illustrations in a unique style.

Usually he makes his work both traditionally and digitally. He starts the drawing on paper using mechanical pencil and colors it in photosho CS 3. His skill of lineart is evident throughout his portfolio.
fem saraniak by iumazark600 863
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Fem saraniak

fem silion singapore by iumazark600 865
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Fem silion singapore

fem cabisle by iumazark600 872
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Fem cabisle

fem rendyon by iumazark600 820
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Fem rendyon

fem tangled poetry by iumazark600 865
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Fem tangled poetry

fem plasmo by iumazark600 424
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Fem plasmo

fem cherry by iumazark600 921
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Fem cherry

fem beltisprici by iumazark600 894
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Fem beltisprici

fem atcigar glama by iumazark600 856
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Fem atcigar glama

fem arpesto by iumazark600 368
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Fem arpesto

fem aman by iumazark600 885
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Fem aman

ariel by iumazark600 429
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femdream by iumazark600 950
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