Mixed Media Illustrations by Joana Pedrosa

red for axelle by thejoanapadj600 417
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Red for axelle

Joana Pedrosa is a traditional artist from Portugal. She created whimsical illustrations using mixed mediums – black multiliner, watercolors, rhinestone and satin ribbons.

the red string by thejoanapadj600 1073
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The red string

flow with the wind by thejoanapadj600 404
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Flow with the wind

thank you by thejoanapadj 567 1302
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Thank you

dare to be by thejoanapadj600 368
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Dare to be

mon cherry by thejoanapadj600 762
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Mon cherry

think green by thejoanapadj600 432
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Think green

some doodles by thejoanapadj 586 533
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Some doodles

think blue by thejoanapadj600 721
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Think blue

sometimes people are beautiful by thejoanapadj600 394
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Sometimes people are beautiful

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