Digital Art by K-Koji

hey pewdie by k koji600 875

Hey pewdie

K-Koji is an amazing artist who’s from Japan and currently living in Canada. K-Koji created epic series of digital art with soft and subtle the colors. His work is composed of characters of Japanese mango Kuroshitsuji, video game and commissions.

kuroshitsuji undertaker by k koji600 767

Kuroshitsuji undertaker

snowglobe by k koji600 480


yazoo by k koji600 799


yazoo sketch by k koji600 594

Yazoo sketch

sebastian michaelis by k koji600 852

Sebastian michaelis

kuja by k koji600 689


kanda yuu by k koji600 739

Kanda yuu

genesis by k koji600 770


ank by k koji600 777


zack fair by k koji600 450

Zack fair

vincent valentine by k koji600 526

Vincent valentine

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