Digital Art by Olesya Mikhailova


Olesya Mikhailova (Danapra)is a Digital Artist come from Kiev, Ukraine who created awesome digital artwork blending glamorous photos with her photo manipulation techniques. Her work is full of creative ideas and wonderful colors.

Wine part by Danapra

Suumer by Danapra


Olesya 14

Olesya 13

Olesya 10

Olesya 8

Olesya 7

Olesya 6

Olesya 5

Olesya 3

Olesya 2

Olesya 1

Loneliness by Danapra

Jiki town

jiki desert by danapra

Fairy by Danapra

Diamond by Danapra

Coffee Madness by Danapra

Cinderella by Danapra



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