Digital Art by Yangtian Li

seashell and pearl by yangtianli

Seashell and pearl

Born in China, Yangtian Li is working as a freelancing illustrator and animator in Melbourne, Australia. Yangtian celebrates the beauty of colour and storytelling through her illustrations.

Yangtian has created illustrations and animaions for games, magazines and books after graduating from Qantm College Melbourne.

ladybug by yangtianli


dragonfly by yangtianli


right or wrong by yangtianli

Right or wrong

white snake and green snake by yangtianli

White snake and green snake

moon princess by yangtianli

Moon princess

one day by yangtianli

One day

black rose by yangtianli

Black rose

hera by yangtianli


lady mantis by yangtianli

Lady mantis

flower of old shanghai by yangtianli

Flower of old shanghai

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