Human Nests by Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann23

California-based artist Jayson Fann designs and creates spirit nests which are big enough for humans. Each nest is an interactive and functional art sculpture. It’s a wonderful experience to sleep like a bird in the nest.

Jayson Fann22

Jayson Fann21

Jayson Fann20

Jayson Fann19

Jayson Fann18

Jayson Fann17

Jayson Fann16

Jayson Fann15

Jayson Fann14

Jayson Fann13

Jayson Fann12

Jayson Fann11

Jayson Fann10

Jayson Fann9

Jayson Fann8

Jayson Fann7

Jayson Fann6

Jayson Fann5

Jayson Fann3

Jayson Fann2

Jayson Fann1

Jayson Fann


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