Comic Illustrations by James Harren

bprd long death issue 2 splash by jharren 538 7961

Bprd long death issue 2 splash

James Harren is a Brooklyn, NY based artist who has obsessed about comics and manga since grade school. He drew some of the incredible fan characters of BPRD with more monstrous, horrific ideas.

arzach color sm by jharren600 970

Arzach color sm

invincible by jharren600 922


heavy liquid by jharren600 902

Heavy liquid

super dinosaur by jharren600 371

Super dinosaur

groo by jharren600 689


captain venom color by jharren600 577

Captain venom color

bprd by jharren600 906


bprd abyss of time cvr 1 by jharren600 921

Bprd abyss of time cvr 1

bog watercolor by jharren600 427

Bog watercolor

bog venom spidey color final sm by jharren600 804

Bog venom spidey color final sm

abe sapien by jharren600 928

Abe sapien

witch doctor by jharren600 936

Witch doctor

venom warmup 2013sm by jharren600 849

Venom warmup 2013sm

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