30 Incredible Pieces of Coffee Latte art

6 Astronaut

Coffee is one of favorite drinks for many people. Drinking coffee helps to wake you up or make you relax. There are more reasons for people to love the classic drinks besides taste of coffee. The process of preparing coffee could be as creative as drawing an art piece. By using latte art technique, various patterns or designs could be created on the surface of foam as well as smooth and sweet coffee drink.

There are many instructions on the net to teach you how to make a latte tulip, a latte words, a latte cherry, a latte star, a latte bear, a latte butterfly, etc. In this post, I will showcase a collection of 40 lovely and incredible pieces of Latte art, which I hope to make you more exciting to drink coffee.

4 cat

5 Eiffel Tower

1 Halloween Ghost Cappuccino

15 Sakura in my cup

13 Cappuccino with I Love You by Chris Cole

22 Beautiful and simple latte art portrait

25 Barack Obama Coffee Art

28 Coffee Art

27 Heart

26 my fish

24 Cappuccino Art

23 panda latte art

21 Clock

20 Legit latte art. At Kudu

19 java art

18 Latte art

17 lady wearing a straw hat

16 Butterfly

14 Pegasus

12 Love Coffee

11 3D coffee art

10 Latte Art

9 Latte Art

8 latte bear art by Japanese latte artist Mattsun

7 Portrait

3 Cappuccino with Rosetta

2 Merry Christmas

29 Charlie Brown and Snoopy latte art

30 Coffee Art


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