Illustrations by Edgar_artis

Lady Wheat

EdgaR_ArtiS is an Armenian artist who created unique style of fashion illustrations featuring dresses made of various foods. His work is mostly the collage of drawings by colorful pencils and photos of various daily foods, which reminds people how close these everyday stuff to the beautiful artworks.

EdgaR_ArtiS studied in IFA Paris, an international fashion design & luxury business school in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul.

Exploded feelings Dress made out of colorful paper clips

Lady Leek Dress made out of leek

Made of newspaper

My white spirit Dress made out of rice

Onion dress

Queen of art Made out of colored pencils

Remembering Amy Winehouse

Rubber couture Dress made out of household gloves

The Blossom

The calm tsunami Dress made out of tea

Avocado Bae Made with avocado and some sushi ingredients

Bird of Paradise

Bloody Dance Dress made out of pomegranate

Blueberry bubble dress Dress made with blueberries

Bottle caps couture Dress made out of bottle caps

Cabbage lady

Carrot couture Made with carrot slices

Completed Self

Drama Queen Dress made out of clothespins

edgar artis 1

edgar artis 2

edgar artis 3

edgar artis 4

edgar artis 5

edgar artis 6

edgar artis 7

edgar artis 8

edgar artis 9

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