20 Examples of Famous Architecture of the World

As soon as man realized he is in the need of a shelter, architecture started developing. Over a long course of human history the art of building has conjured up many grand, beautiful and astounding structures, monuments to the perfect marriage of science and art. Each historic period is marked by one or more world […]

Maza House

Designed by Architect, Eduardo Hernández Ch, The 489 square meters Maza house is a holiday home located in the natural setting surrounding the Lake of Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The house is surrounded by a rill of clear water on one side, the vegetation of other buildings on the other side and lush forest in […]

355 Mansfield Home

Designed by Amit Apel Design and located in Los Angeles, California , the 5-bedroom 355 Mansfield home features Japanese style plant separators, grid windows, landscaping – a cozy home to enjoy California indoor/out lifestyle.

Flotanta House

Flotanta House is a project designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture, in an exotic and exciting location, Puntarenas Canton, Costa Rica. The house elevated above the ground, on a series of piloti, maximizes views and gives the illusion of floating above the hillside.

Mill Valley Cabins

Mill Valley is a heavily landscaped wooden project completed by Feldman Architecture in 2012. The site is located in a hillside, Mill Valley, California. Some accessory structures were added to the existing building, which was used for an artist studio and a yoga space which would also serve as a private guest cabin.

Crow’s Nest Residence

Designed by BCV Architects and completed by Mt. Lincoln Construction, the Crow’s Nest Residence stands at the top of Sugar Bowl’s intimate snowbound community, in California. The highest placed lot to the adjacent ski hill, the residence maintains a sense of tranquility from its forested aspects to the West and South.

Stealth Cabin

Located in Ontario, Canada, Stealth Cabin is a fine blend of traditional and modern architecture, which was designed by Superkül Inc Architect.