Mill Valley Cabins

Mill Valley is a heavily landscaped wooden project completed by Feldman Architecture in 2012. The site is located in a hillside, Mill Valley, California. Some accessory structures were added to the existing building, which was used for an artist studio and a yoga space which would also serve as a private guest cabin.

Crow’s Nest Residence

Designed by BCV Architects and completed by Mt. Lincoln Construction, the Crow’s Nest Residence stands at the top of Sugar Bowl’s intimate snowbound community, in California. The highest placed lot to the adjacent ski hill, the residence maintains a sense of tranquility from its forested aspects to the West and South.

Stealth Cabin

Located in Ontario, Canada, Stealth Cabin is a fine blend of traditional and modern architecture, which was designed by Superkül Inc Architect.

David’s House

David’s House is an example of a functional, cozy family home with all the aesthetic ideals that belong to contemporary homes by Mississauga based Custom Home Designs firm DAVID SMALL DESIGNS.

Crest Meadows Residence

An Elegant, NW Contemporary and Central Oregon inspired luxury residence by Iverson Signature Home, which offers a fusion of modern and traditional design elements, materials and color palettes in the project.

Burkehill Residence

Vancouver-based studio Craig Chevalier teamed up with interior designer Claudia Leccacorvi and completed the Burkehill Residence, which is located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

A New Estar Moveis Store in Brazil

Estar Moveis, a furniture design company opened a new store in Sao Paolo, Brazil, which was designed by SuperLimao Studio. The new square-like structure is covered with hexagonal panels. Geometric, edgy, uncanny and very modern, the “honeycombs” (a mix of opaque and semi-translucent hexagons) decorating the façade unveil certain store areas, creating dynamic visual effect.