Photography by Kindra Nikole

whispers of the nothing

Whispers of the nothing Kindra Nikole is a Seattle-based conceptual photographer whose work draws on natural settings to create surreal, otherworldly images. Citing Brian Froud, Jim Henson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Hayao Miyazaki, and Kirsty Mitchell as key influences, Kindra manifests fantastical realities in her images, oftentimes with a hint of dark allure. Her works typically feature […]

Mobile Photography by Ali Jardine

Ali Jardine-1

With the prevailing of smart phones, mobile photography becomes so popular as people could capture pictures anywhere and share them instantly in Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Flickr. Mississippi based adventurer Ali Jardine took her shots and edited them on her iPhone, not in Photoshop. All of her works are dream pictures or silhouettes of her […]

Street Photography by Leanne Boulton

  Leanne Boulton is a Glasgow, UK based photographer who is passionate for capturing life and how it interacts with, adapts to and alters the immediate natural environment. On an artistic level she is drawn towards street photography, the urban landscape and nature. Preserving those often missed, and seemingly insignificant, fleeting moments that make life […]

Nature Photography by Ben Babusis

Descent into Heaven

Ben Babusis is an acclaimed nature photographer based in Issaquah, Washington who is obsessed to capture pictures of dramatic wildlife and landscape. In this post we present you 15 gorgeous photographs that show you the best of Mother Nature.

Nature Photography by Joy Jordan


Appleton, Wisconsin based photographer Joy Jordan uses photography to express her view of the beautiful world. Capturing pictures is all about light, details, and everyday beauty. The beauty can be found everywhere if you pay attention. Enjoying her macro photography of leaves and flowers.