Team Fortress Pin-ups

Nov 7, 2010

Team Fortress 2Pin It

Created by UK based artist, Agent Melon. Based on the online multiplayer video game, Team Fortress 2.

miss soldierPin It

miss medicPin It

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Game Characters by Amber Chen
Game Art by OXAN

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  • The scorcher is the best, although the medic is not without merit…

  • I know this is supposed to show reversed gender but im gonna have to say that last one isnt and that pyro is indeed a female

    • [Citation needed]

    • That hasn’t been confirmed.

    • Ever saw the TF2 trading cards? They clearly state that the Pyro is a guy.

      • But on the game I’ve saw once a message stating that Pyro was a she,too bad I forgot to take a snapshot.And trading cards aren’t always right,I’ve already seen really wrong stuff,jus sayin

        • I think you’re referring to the comment:
          “Why don’t you give her a go?” (or something similar)
          That statement changes regular from “him” to “her”

          Valve has a sense of humour, as everyone should know. They WANT you to keep guessing.

          • ^ listen to the prof. =P and who said it was all reversed gender? it only says they are “pin ups”

  • It’s not about gender bending it’s about wwii style pinups.

  • Ah, where the spy?

  • Valve has a sense of humour, as everyone should know. They WANT you to keep guessing

  • Why does the first image make me immediately think of Pit Girl from Monday Night Combat?

    And doesn’t this whole endeavor just strike you as pointing out the major flaw in TF2. There are no females represented in TF2. Perhaps instead of hats they should work on female avatars for the ladies?

    • But then it wouldn’t be Hat Fortress 2. Than it would be Women Fortress 2. Actually, You know what? I’m okay with this.

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