50 Mind Blowing Watercolor Paintings

Apr 18, 2013


It’s quite simple to start watercolor paintings – mix water with the paint, paint with brush on paper. But it’s not simple to grasp the technique and create a piece of high quality. It takes time to experiment and there are a lot to learn.

Today, the technique has evolved that the water media refers to not only watercolors but also inks, temperas, gouaches and modern acrylic paints. In this post I collected 50 mind blowing watercolor paintings which are created by 25 amazing artists, most of which are from dA. Check out the link and you will be able to view the portfolio of the artist.

Early Spring


Ulyana is self-tought artist from Switzerland. She learned watercolor paintings in high school, and left traditional media for a long time and now rediscovered her passion on it.

Alis volat propriis


Why do people dream?

Joanna Wedrychowska is an artist from Poland who works on tradition media. Her watercolor paintings capture emotions, beautiful and evocative.


Fan art of Lara Henshingly Croft done for Tomb Raider Reborn – Contest 2013


Aurora Wienhold is a professional illustrator from Germany who works in publishing and the film industry. He draws with watercolor as well as mixed media.

Stupidly tiny


miss universe

Italian self-taught artist Silvia Pelissero, aka agnes-cecile painted a series of abstract figurative portrait paintings in warm colors by great use of watercolors and acrylic paintings.




Cool watercolor paintings by Russian artist Tanya Shatseva.



Faces of Persephone II

Jane Beata is an artist from Modra, Slovakia who painted amazing colorful drawings. She captures emotions in her works in a softness and surreal style.

A lovely moment when a cute creature eat your mind


Away, but not enough

Illustrations by Italian Traditional Art artist Fleur Lilium.



Dreams of Awakening

Guillem Marí is a freelance illustrator currently based in Ibiza island, Spain. His work is full of vibrant colors and daydreams.

Inside Glow (Print version)




Berlin, Germany based artist Svenja Jödicke created intricate works in detailed colors, esp. his eye art paintings, which are absolutely mind blowing. Svenja paints with watercolor, acrylics and collages.

Comfort, new print released



UK based artist Carne Griffiths created so creative and inspiring paintings with tea and ink. His work creates a journey of escapism which focuses on scenes of awe and wonder, projecting a sense of abandonment and inviting the viewer to share and explore this inner realm.



A cleansing

Pearl82980 is an artist from United States. She draws amazing watercolors in beautiful lines and colors.



Dark room

Daria is an artist from Ukraine who created sweet watercolor paintings.

Dissolution Point


Lesson of Trust

Ukrainian artist Elena Shastina created the beautiful paintings with watercolor and ink.

Fille Concrete


Blue Velvet

Rosaria Battiloro is a multi-talented artist from Naples, Italy, specializing in pencils, inks, acrylics, watercolors. She created a series of portrait watercolor paintings focusing on emotions and surrealist effect.

Feeling the loss


I can’t go any further…

French artist Vincyane Belin creates her work with striking colors and emotions.

Color Blast


Color Blast 2

Dolev Elron creates his cool watercolor portraits in a simplistic style.

Passion for love


Dance with colors

Wissam Wleed is from Iraq.

live in the role of coquette


In the lilac hat

Watercolor Paintings by Lana Khavronenko. Lana is an artist living in Kirovograd, Kirovohrads’Ka Oblast’, Ukraine.

Fall to Pieces


An Ugly Mind





Watercolor paintings by US based artist Evan Rosato

Lady Time



Wonder watercolor paintings by Vietnam based artist kimeajam

Spark in The Dark



Dang Khoa Vo is an artist from Canada. Dang discovers the beauty of nature in his watercolor paintings and tries to represent human emotion with trees, flowers and landscapes.

Bipolarity – Print


I talk to birds…


Jonas Jödicke is a multi-displined artist from Berlin, Germany who creates amazing watercolor Paintings.

Watercolor Painting


Watercolor Painting

Chiara Aime creates his figurative work depicting of the human faces, which represent emotions and feelings of the artist.
The various artistic techniques are used in his work – graphite, ballpoint pen, watercolor, Ecoline, acrylic and being tested even oil.




Amazing watercolor paintings by Estonia based artist Silvia Sillaots

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