70 Above Knee Tattoo Designs for Your Inspiration

Above knee tattoos are swiftly climbing the ranks in the body art world, becoming a favored choice for those looking to make a statement with ink. This placement combines the perks of both visibility and discretion, offering a versatile canvas that caters to a diverse range of designs and personal tastes. As we explore this tattoo trend, we’ll uncover why it appeals to such a wide audience and how it’s becoming a dynamic way to express individuality.

The Appeal of Above Knee Tattoos

Above knee tattoos are not just about looking good—they’re about feeling good in your skin. Let’s break down what’s behind the appeal of this alluring tattoo placement:

Aesthetic Appeal

The area above the knee serves as an expansive canvas that can accommodate larger, intricate designs, allowing for a full display of the artist’s talent and the wearer’s vision. It’s like the thigh’s gallery wall, perfect for showcasing anything from sprawling florals to detailed portraits.

Comfort in the Chair

When it comes to the tattooing experience, comfort is key. The fleshy part of the thigh just above the knee is relatively less painful compared to bony areas like the shin or ribcage, making it a more appealing spot for both seasoned tattoo enthusiasts and newcomers.

Wardrobe Flexibility

One of the cleverest tricks of an above knee tattoo is its chameleon-like ability to appear and disappear. Depending on your outfit, it can be a conversation starter on full display or your own secret masterpiece, hidden away from prying eyes.

Artistic Canvas

The natural curvature of the thigh above the knee provides an enticing challenge for tattoo artists, allowing them to work with the body’s contours to create art that’s not just seen but experienced in three dimensions.

Variety of Designs for Above Knee Tattoos

When it comes to choosing a design for an above knee tattoo, the sky—or rather, the hemline—is the limit. Here are some designs that are currently capturing hearts and skin space:

Mandala Above Knee Tattoos

The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. But above the knee? It’s a dance of balance and unity in space.Mandala tattoos are a favorite for their intricate designs and the skill it takes to ink them. They can be personalized with elements that resonate with you, turning your skin into a reflection of your innermost self, a spiritual anchor in the stormy seas of life.

Mandala above knee tattoo black and grey

Mandala above knee tattoo

Mandala flower above knee tattoo

Mandala tattoo above knee

Lunar Moth

A lunar moth tattoo above the knee is not just an ink job; it’s a nocturnal symphony. Representing metamorphosis, the lunar moth is a less common but striking choice. It’s about embracing change and finding light in the darkness, a perfect metaphor for life’s unexpected twists. With its delicate wings and enchanting allure, this tattoo is a whisper of mystery every time you take a step.

Lunar moth and crescent moon above knee tattoo

Lunar moth with fern above knee tattoo black and grey

Black and grey Lunar moth tattoo above knee

Egyptian Goddess ISIS above knee tattoo

Egyptian Goddess ISIS above knee tattoo

Elevate your tattoo game to divine levels with an Egyptian Goddess Isis above knee tattoo. Isis, with her outstretched wings, is a symbol of empowerment, motherhood, and magic. Women and men alike can rock this design. And it channels the healing and protective energy of one of Egypt’s most respected gods.

Eye of Horus

Eye of horus tattoo above knee

Speaking of ancient symbols, the Eye of Horus tattoo above the knee is like having a personal protector with you at all times. This ancient Egyptian emblem represents healing, protection, and royal power. It’s a vigilant guardian on your skin, keeping an eye out for you as you navigate the twists and turns of life.

Hannya above knee tattoo

Hannya above knee tattoo

Let’s delve into Japanese tattoos with the Hannya design. This above-knee design, with its horns and leering expression, captures the complexity of human emotions – love, jealousy, and vengeance. It’s a deep dive into the duality of our natures, a striking reminder that we all have demons and angels within us.

Barbed Wire

Let’s kick things off with the barbed wire tattoo. This isn’t just a nod to the ’90s; it’s a timeless expression of resilience and fortitude. Wrapping a barbed wire tattoo above your knee tells the world that you’re tough as nails, a survivor who’s weathered the storms and still stands strong. It’s edgy, it’s raw, and it’s unapologetically you.

Barbed wire above knee tattoo

Barbed wire tattoo above knee

Go Batty for Bats

Now, how about fluttering into the night with a bat tattoo above the knee? Bats are symbols of intuition, rebirth, and the unseen mysteries of the night. Inking this nocturnal creature above your knee shows you’re in tune with your instincts and unafraid to embrace the darkness within. Plus, let’s be real, it looks wickedly cool.

Bat and moth above knee tattoo

Small bat above knee tattoo

Bat and crescent moon above knee tattoo

Bat and moon with flowers above knee tattoo


The butterfly above knee tattoo is a classic for a reason. It’s not just about the beauty and intricacy of the design; it’s about transformation and the ability to change and emerge stronger. Whether you go for vibrant colors or a more subdued black and grey, a butterfly tattoo is a powerful reminder of your personal evolution.

Black and white floral butterfly above knee tattoo

Traditional butterfly above knee tattoo

Black and white butterfly tattoo above knee


A cherub tattoo above the knee? Now, that’s a slice of heaven. These little angelic beings aren’t just cute; they’re symbols of love, innocence, and spirituality. They can be playful, mischievous, or solemn, but they always carry a deeper meaning. A cherub tattoo is like having your own little guardian angel, watching over you with a smirk.

Minimalist three Cherub above knee tattoo

Three cherub tattoo above knee

Cherub blowing trumpet sitting on crescent moon tattoo


For the explorers at heart, a compass tattoo above the knee points you in the right direction—literally and metaphorically. It’s a symbol for guidance, for those who seek adventure and the path less traveled. This design says you’re in control of your journey, with the compass needle steadying your course through life’s unpredictable seas.

Compass wheel with octopus tattoo above knee

Rose compass above knee tattoo


Dog tattoos above the knee are for those who want to carry the spirit of their furry companions wherever they go. It’s a tribute to loyalty, friendship, and the unconditional love that only a dog can give. Choose your breed, choose a pose, but know this: a dog tattoo is a heartwarming nod to the paws that have left prints on your soul.

Realistic dog above knee tattoo

Watercolor dog above knee tattoo

Dog tattoo above knee

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye tattoo above the knee is more than just a striking design; it’s a talisman against negativity. This ancient symbol serves as a guardian, protecting you from malevolent glances and preserving your positive energy. It’s a bold statement that you’re not only aware of the vibes around you but also equipped to deflect the bad ones.

Evil Eye Tattoo Above Knee

Evil eye with moon and star above knee tattoo

Foo Dog

The foo dog tattoo is a staple in Asian-inspired body art, and when placed above the knee, it’s downright imposing. These mythical guardians are a blend of lion and dog and are known for their protective powers. With a foo dog tattoo, you’re making it clear that you’re not to be trifled with—a fierce protector in your own right.

Japanese foo dog tattoo above knee

Red and yellow foo dog tattoo above knee

Japanese foo dog above knee tattoo

Fox above knee tattoo

Above the knee, a fox is not just another cute critter—it’s a symbol of intelligence, adaptability, and cunning. A fox tattoo speaks to your strategic mind and your ability to navigate tricky situations with grace. Plus, it’s a design that’s sure to turn heads with its sleek and alluring aesthetic.

Fox and maple leaf tattoo above knee

Fox tattoo above knee

Heart Above Knee Tattoos

The heart tattoo is an emblem of love, passion, and life itself. Above the knee, a heart can be a simple declaration or an intricate, stylized piece. It’s versatile, with the potential for personalization – names, dates, or even mementos can be incorporated into the design. A heart tattoo in this spot is a bold way to wear your emotions, quite literally, on your sleeve.

Floral vine heart above knee tattoo

Heart with eye above knee tattoo

Barbed wire heart above knee tattoo

Lotus Tattoos Above Knee: Blooming with Meaning

This serene lotus flower, emerging unscathed from murky waters, is a powerful emblem of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Placing it above the knee makes a statement of triumph over adversity, a testament to personal growth. The intricate petals can be a splash of color or a subtle shade, turning your skin into a tapestry of personal evolution.

Lotus above knee tattoo

Mandala lotus above knee tattoo

Moth Above Knee Tattoos

Why choose a moth tattoo? Because it’s the unsung hero of transformation tales, that’s why. You can get a moth tattoo above the knee. It’s not just about change, but also about being drawn to light and finding ways through dark times. It’s for those who navigate life’s challenges with grace, a silent nod to resilience and hope.

Dotwork moth above knee tattoo

Moth with eyes above knee tattoo

Death moth with fern tattoo above knee

Rose: Eternally In Vogue

The rose tattoo is a classic, a symbol of passion, love, and sometimes, a prickly reminder of life’s juxtapositions. Above the knee, a rose can unfurl its petals in full glory, a bold declaration of whatever you hold dear. From black and gray to vibrant hues, a rose tattoo in this spot can be a standalone statement or part of a larger floral narrative.

Black and grey rose tattoo above knee

Traditional rose tattoo above knee

Ship Above Knee Tattoos

A ship tattoo above the knee is for the adventurers, the wanderers, the captains of their destinies. It’s an ode to exploration, a vessel on the high seas of life’s vast possibilities. Whether it’s a pirate ship, a galleon, or a sleek schooner, this design is about courage and the quest for discovery. It’s a beacon of hope that the winds of fortune will sail you to safe harbors.

Ship tattoo above knee black and grel

Small pirate ship above the knee tattoo

Ship above knee tattoo

Skull: Beyond the Mortal Coil

Skulls have been a tattoo favorite for ages, and for good reason. They’re a stark reminder of our mortality, a nudge to live life to the fullest. Above the knee, a skull tattoo can be menacing, playful, or philosophical. It’s versatile, allowing for a range of artistic interpretations that can be as unique as your own life story.

Skull with roses above knee tattoo

Sugar skull with rose above knee tattoo

Skull with flowers above knee tattoo

Skull with rose and butterfly above knee tattoo

Sun and Moon above knee tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo is a celestial spectacle, a balance of day and night, yin and yang. It symbolizes the duality of life, the constant cycle of renewal and the interconnectedness of all things. Placed above the knee, this design is a conversation between the cosmos and the wearer, a daily reminder of life’s beautiful contrasts.

Sun and moon face above knee tattoo

Sun and moon face tattoo above knee

Tribal: Tapping into Ancestral Ink

Tribal tattoos are not just designs; they’re a heritage, a lineage of storytelling inked into the skin. Above the knee, tribal patterns speak of strength, bravery, and a connection to ancient wisdom. They can be as simple or as complex as your own narrative, symbols that bind you to the timeless traditions of tattooing.

Tribal owl tattoo above knee

Tribal tattoo above knee

Origami Boat and Snowflake

Origami boat and snowflake tattoos above knees

This pair of tattoos is for those who see life as a journey through changing seasons. The origami boat is a symbol of navigating through life’s waters, while the snowflake stands for individuality and the beauty of the moment. Together, they tell a story of resilience and appreciation for life’s transient nature.

Red lace garter

Red lace garter

Now let’s add a twist of vintage sensuality with a red lace garter tattoo. This design is all about the allure of what’s hidden and the tease of what’s revealed. It’s sexy, it’s bold, and it’s incredibly empowering. Wrap a red lace garter above your knee, and every step becomes a statement of confidence and femininity.

Rose garter above knee tattoo black and grey

Rose garter above knee tattoo black and grey

If you like the idea of a garter but want something more subdued, consider a rose garter in black and grey. This design takes the classic beauty of roses and ties it up with the edgy undertone of a garter. It’s a juxtaposition that speaks to the complex nature of identity—soft yet strong, traditional yet rebellious.

Scarab Beetle tattoo above knee

Scarab Beetle tattoo above knee

The scarab beetle is not just an insect; it’s an ancient Egyptian symbol of transformation and eternal life. An above knee tattoo of this majestic beetle serves as a daily reminder of personal growth and the immortal spirit. It’s a nod to history, a piece of the past carried on modern skin, connecting you to the mystique of old-world mythology.

Tiger and bear heads above the knees

Tiger and bear heads above the knees

For those who resonate with the animal kingdom’s might, tiger and bear head tattoos above the knees are a primal call to the wild. They represent strength, courage, and raw power. Whether you’re a fierce defender, a solitary wanderer, or a noble leader, these designs will mirror the beast within.

Aztec calendar

Aztec calendar above knee tattoo

Imposing and intricate, an Aztec calendar tattoo above the knee is a tribute to time, history, and heritage. It’s a complex piece that demands attention, representing the cycles of life, the celestial movements, and the ancient wisdom of the Aztec civilization. It’s not just a tattoo, but a piece of time-honored art.

Realistic Anchor

Black and grey realistic anchor above knee tattoo for family

A black and grey realistic anchor tattoo is perfect for those who value stability and family. It’s a symbol of being grounded, holding fast despite life’s tumultuous storms. Above the knee, this tattoo can serve as a personal reminder of what keeps you steady, what anchors you in the choppy waters of life.

Black widow spider tattoo above knee

Black widow spider tattoo above knee

Embrace the edge with a black widow spider tattoo. This design is not for the faint of heart—it’s for those who walk the line between danger and allure. The black widow is a creature of power and misunderstood beauty, and an above knee tattoo of this arachnid speaks of a person who is not to be underestimated.

Blue Pisces fish tattoo above the knee tattoo

Blue Pisces fish tattoo above the knee tattoo

For the dreamers, the intuitive souls, and the ones forever in tune with the universe’s flow, a blue Pisces fish tattoo above the knee is your call to the cosmos. Pisces represents empathy, creativity, and often a deep connection with the otherworldly. Two fish swimming in harmony encapsulate the duality of life and the flow of the cosmic waters.

Circular solar system tattoo above knee

Circular solar system tattoo above knee

Now, imagine a circular solar system tattoo wrapped above your knee. It’s not just planets orbiting the sun, but a metaphor for your personal universe, the gravitational pull of your dreams, people, and passions. It’s a reminder that you are at the center of your own galaxy, with a whole universe of possibilities spinning around you.

Cobra tattoo above knee tattoo

Cobra tattoo above knee tattoo

Snaking its way above your knee, this design screams fearlessness and strength. The cobra isn’t just a symbol of danger; it’s also a guardian, a protector, and a sign of rebirth. Imagine the powerful statement you’ll make every time you stride into a room, your inked cobra poised and ready to strike.

Cute cupid tattoo above knee

Cute cupid tattoo above knee

But maybe you fancy the sweeter side of Cupid. A cute cupid tattoo above your knee brings a dash of playfulness to your ink collection. It’s the perfect blend of innocence and mischief, a little wink to the world that you’ve got love on your side – and a cheeky arrow or two up your sleeve.

Deer above knee tattoo black and grey

Deer above knee tattoo black and grey

For those who resonate with the serene yet resilient spirit of wildlife, a deer above knee tattoo in black and grey is a must. It’s the epitome of grace under pressure, a nod to the delicate balance between beauty and survival. This design tells a tale of quiet strength and the gentle power of stillness.

Lighthouse above knee tattoo

For the navigators, the dreamers, the ones who guide others home, a lighthouse tattoo above the knee is your beacon. It’s a symbol of guidance, hope, and safety in life’s tumultuous seas. This design stands tall on your skin, a lighthouse that shines through the fog of everyday chaos.

Lighthouse above knee tattoo

Lighthouse tattoo above knee

Medusa above knee tattoo

Medusa above knee tattoo

Above the knee, Medusa isn’t just a mythological monster; she’s a symbol of transformation and female power. Her gaze is one that turns onlookers to stone, but on your skin, she represents the unshakeable strength and fierce protection against those who would do you harm.


Above knee tattoos are a celebration of personal style, a declaration of individual narratives etched in ink. They’re an invitation to artists to create and to wearers to express their most cherished beliefs, memories, and dreams. As with any tattoo, it’s essential to pour thought and research into your decision. But once you’ve found that design that resonates with your soul, go ahead—embrace the trend and let your above knee tattoo tell your unique story.

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