Chibi Anime, Disney & Still Life Art by Lighane

Chibi River Spirit Nami by LighanePin It

Lighane or Lisa is an artist from Nuremberg, Germany, who is an avid fan of League Of Legends and also enjoys drawing and painting. Because of her love for gaming, she often makes illustrations based on her favorite video game characters. She also likes to make chibi illustrations of many anime and movie characters however, her style is not limited to drawing anime like characters but even realistic ones. Her mediums include the conventional colored pencils and colored pens however, she also sometimes uses digital art. With a balance of cute and realistic, Lighane often does her best to surprise her fans. Want to see more of her work? Then visit her website.

Princess Serenity By LighanePin It

King Thranduil By LighanePin It

Chibi Celestine Soraka by LighanePin It

Snow Bunny Nidalee By LighanePin It

Disney Chibi Queen Elsa By LighanePin It

Disney Chibi Princess Aurora by LighanePin It

Disney Chibi Ariel By LighanePin It

Blue Eyed Girl By LighanePin It

Leopard In A Guess Bag By LighanePin It

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