Abstract Art by John Howard

When the soul leaves the body f

Ohio-Born artist John Howard, aka Pakks created unique abstract art series When the Soul Leaves the Body, which depicts the moment when life ends – what life is and can be. I was just touched when viewing the work and impressed by his imagination.

John splits his time between New York City, Paris, Los Angeles, and Toledo, Ohio.

Death acquits us of all obligations


When the soul leaves the body d


Ignoring death up until the last moment


The punctuality of dying


The hour of your departure


Pay your check and leave us now


Only the dead know the truth


Once the game is over


Life of the dead in the mind of the living


Learning to live is learning to die


Last breath


Happy death happy sleep


Death is but a rumour


Dead men tell no lies


All who live must die


When the soul leaves the body c


When the body sinks into death the soul is freed


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