35 Creative DIY Letters in Life

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Everyday we read books and surf on internet, letters flow in our sight and we focus on the meaning that letters transmit… Letters themselves could be attractive. Typeface design has been very popular in log design, infographics and creative alphabet designs. It’s a powerful means to bring brand attention and demonstrate creativity. The creative letters have walked out of the paper, you could DIY them using anything in your life.

Letters are special symbols that could be formed to some meaningful words. Children love letters as these letters are the 1st abstract puzzles after they come to the world. Instead of reading the repetitive alphabet on paper, isn’t a good idea to let them feel the 3D letters made by stuff in the real world? On special days, such as birthday, it adds special meanings to DIY the name of your loved one. Sometimes, you don’t have to spell out all the letters, one initial sends the meaning.

There’re a lot of materials you could use to DIY your creative letters. If you are not interested in the work of carpenter, pile the shape your letters with the branches of a tree. If you love to decorate your garden, DIY a letter with the green leaves and beautiful flowers. It’s a good idea to frame the DIY letters made by flowers and hang it as wall decals.

Looking for inspirations to have a trial by your own? Here is the collection of 35 creative ideas. Do you have your work to share with us? Just leave a link in the comment.

DIY Twig LettersPin It

DIY Twig Letters

The letter A created by the dry branches giving a sense of classic, an easiest project to DIY your favorite letters.

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What did you do with the buttons of old clothes? Collect enough number of buttons and you can collate anything you like including the creative letters. Frame the work, it’s good DIY wall art idea.

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Letters Wall art with flowers, stones, etc.

LOVE LettersPin It

Love letters made with miscellaneous home stuff on old wood plates.

DIY Personalized Photo Gifts by Kenzie MastroePin It

DIY Personalized Photo Gifts by Kenzie Mastroe

Decorated with black and white photos, the DIY letter is the best gift for family and friends.

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DIY Illuminated Canvas LightPin It

DIY Illuminated Canvas Light

Quilled LetterPin It

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Monogram letters DIY by wine bottle plugs

DIY latters wall artPin It

DIY latters wall art

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Baby Monogram Button LetterPin It

Make a Yarn Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed LetterPin It

Baseball Nursery Wall LettersPin It

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Beach Decor Seashell Covered Sign Letters - LOVE or Any 4-Lettered WordPin It

Jeweled LettersPin It

Jeweled Letters

Custom toy brick letter B, made to order, nursery letterPin It

Custom toy brick letter B, a steampunk DIY letter.

DIY Photo LettersPin It

Custom Twine Monogram WreathPin It

Custom Twine Monogram Wreath

A Letter C DIY made by knitting wool

DIY Crayon LetterPin It

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DIY Twig Monogram OrnamentPin It

DIY Twig Monogram Ornament

Fabric letters tutorialPin It

Home Decor Letters Word Art in Your Choice of Custom Designer PatternsPin It

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paper latterPin It

Patriotic Monogram Door Hanger with Burlap BowPin It

SEA SHELL Covered 12 Inch WEDDING Initial Letter Monogram Door WreathPin It

Succulent LetterPin It

shabby cottage chic children's artPin It

DIY Floral LetterPin It

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