50+ Magnolia Flower Tattoos

Pink magnolia flower tattoo on the back - a feminine tattoo idea for womenPin It

Pink magnolia flower tattoo on the back – a feminine tattoo idea for women.

Flower tattoos are always favorite tattoo ideas for women as many flowers are depicted with qualities and attributes associated with women. Besides their colors, tenderness, femininity and the beauty, flower tattoos are loved by women for their symbolic meanings which varies according to culture, location and history. Magnolia tattoos are among a few of flower tattoos not popular as rose or lily tattoos, while most of them are inked in a very beautiful and feminine fashion. It’s absolutely necessary to walk through the this kind of flower if you are looking for flower tattoo ideas.

Magnolia is an ancient genus of flowers which have been lived on the planet for nearly 20 million years, with different species distributed in East Asia, America and West Indies. People get tattoos is to express themselves. If the flower used to play a significant part in your life, it’s a good reason to get a tattoo of this flower. Be aware of the different colors of magnolia although white is the predominant one. Magnolia flowers appear in different colors with representative meanings.

White is generally associated with purity and nobility while pink magnolias symbolizes love, innocence, and joy. Green is always representing life, health and good luck while purple magnolias means gentle, compassionate and idealistic. All colors can be representative of feminine beauty and romantic fashion.

In China, magnolia has been cultivated for thousand of years. With popularity of the white magnolia, magnolia is the symbol of purity and nobility. In Shanghai, the biggest city of China, white magnolia is the official city flower. It signifies pioneer and striving for excellence.

In America, the magnolia signifies the arrival of spring and is the official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana. Mississippi has earned the nickname ‘Magnolia State’ due to the abundance of magnolia flowering blossoms. The city of Houston,used to be called the ‘Magnolia City’ due to the the abundance of natural Magnolia forests.

The realistic magnolia tattoo looks like a piece of flower falls on the footPin It

The realistic magnolia tattoo looks like a piece of flower falls on the foot.

Pin It

Flower forearm tattoo

Pin It

Flower sleeve tattoo

Pin It

Rose and butterfly tattoo

Pin It

3D Colored flowr tattoo

Pin It

3D Flowr tattoo

Magnolia sleeve tattoo in Chinese landscape painting stylePin It

Magnolia sleeve tattoo in Chinese landscape painting style. The art media usually depicts mountains and waters in an elegant fashion. This magnolia tattoo is perfect for girls.

Colorful magnolia flower tattooPin It

Colorful magnolia flower back tattoo with a butterfly and dragonfly around.

Black and white magnolia flower sleeve tattooPin It

Black and white magnolia forearm sleeve tattoo in a realistic style.

Magnolias side tattooPin It

Elegant magnolia watercolor tattoo on full back for womanPin It

Water color magnolia tattooPin It

mini watercolor tattoosPin It

Magnolia back tattooPin It

3D Colorful Magnolia TattooPin It

Magnolia tattoo by Alice CarrierPin It

Magnolia sleeve tattoo.Pin It

Magnolia tattoo on wristPin It

magnolia tattoos black and whitePin It

Magnolia Tattoo by Laura JuanPin It

Magnolia back piece in progress by Nathaniel GannPin It

Magnolia color cover up by xandervoron on DeviantArtPin It

tattoo magnolia takPin It

Magnolias shouder tattooPin It

Magnolias tattoo on sidePin It

water color flowersPin It

Magnolias tattoo on low backPin It

Magnolia tattoo on forearmPin It

Magnolia tattoo on lagPin It

magnolia tree and flower tattooPin It

magnolia tree tattooPin It

magnolia flower half sleeve tattooPin It

magnolia flower lag tattooPin It

Black and white magnolia flower tattooPin It

Beautiful magnolia tattooPin It

Magnolia flower tattoo on backPin It

Magnolia tattoo on sleevePin It

Magnolia full sleeve tattooPin It

magnolia back tattoo for womenPin It

Watercolor magnolia and rose tattooPin It

Pink magnolia flower tattooPin It

magnolia flower tattooPin It

Watercolor magnolia  back tattooPin It

magnolia   quarter tattooPin It

magnolia and owl  tattooPin It

magnolia tree and bird tattooPin It

Watercolor magnolias tattooPin It

Magnolia half sleeve tattoo.Pin It

Colored magnolia side tattooPin It

magnolia side tattooPin It

Magnolia watercolor tattoo.Pin It

Magnolia black and white tattooPin It

magnolia flower tattoo on half sleevePin It

Magnolia tattooPin It

Pretty magnolia tattooPin It

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