40 Awesome Horse Tattoos

horse thigh tattoo

Humans always view animals differently if there are echoes of common values and spirits discovered from the animals. Animals are the source of artistic creations not only for painters, illustrators, sculptors, but also for tattoo artists. We have showcased animal… Continue Reading

30 Christmas Food Ideas

Cookies for christmas

Start your Christmas with wonderful cookie treats. Design them with Christmas themes and place them on your cookie plate beside the Christmas tree. Prepare something special for Christmas! An exciting thing to look forward to when Christmas comes around the… Continue Reading

Cute Illustrations by Ji Hyuk Kim

Samsung Emodio UCI Illustration

Ji Hyuk Kim started his artist journey as a game illustrator, and now works mainly for publications, advertising, children’s books, etc. Whether children’s illustrations or pop illustrations, his works are depicted in a cute and wonderful style.

40 Black Nail Art Ideas

Black Nail Art-39

Wonderful black colored flora nail polish. Take a look at this lovely black against clear polish combination in floral design. Simple yet elegant looking nail art. source Classic black themed nail art Black is undoubtedly one of the most classic… Continue Reading

50 Christmas DIY Ideas

Most Creative and Adorable Pine Cone Crafts

Very cute pinecone Christmas elves. Be creative in making your Christmas décor and use what you can find nearby to make something as unique as this. Start making your own DIY Christmas decor In this holiday season it’s a great… Continue Reading